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Neon Polish
7 Feb 2013

Top Fashion Trends That May Influence Brides

Brides are affected by the world of fashion. Obviously. But what styles and trends of the runway in the last year will influence you as a bride? The peplum Sorry, but this funny little 'overskirt', usually paired with ...

8 Jan 2013

Wedding Dresses With Pockets – The Latest Trend

Pockets in your wedding dress. Would you really carry your lipstick and tissues in there? It's bad enough that they make your trouser pockets bulge, but in a wedding dress...? And why would you want to walk around with ...

21 Dec 2012

What’s On The Horizon For 2013 For Weddings?

What are the forecast trends for weddings? There are many of them. Some of them we could well do without (when will those moustaches make an exit!?), whilst a few look very interesting. Here is what others are ...

5 Oct 2012

Spring Wedding Trends

It's spring. Oh joy, oh rapture! It is unsurprising that so many poets dedicate countless lines to the coming of summer, the beginning of life, the cycle of nature, for the very appearance of the sun for longer than a ...