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First Dance Tips
5 Jun 2013

5 Tips for the First Dance

A lot of us are simply comfortable with shuffling around aimless on the dance floor when one of our favourite songs inspires us to get up and move, but when it comes to your wedding you might not be satisfied with a bit ...

Save the first dance
18 Mar 2013

Save the First Dance

While some of us may be fortunate enough to know the way around a dance floor, quite a few of us may suffer from chorophobia, or the fear of dancing. If you do suffer from this fear in even the smallest way, it is ...

Learning to Dance
7 Mar 2013

Why You Should Learn to Dance Before Your Wedding

I’d like to start this post by telling you a secret: Boys who can dance are special. Immediately when you hear the words “ballroom dancing” you think “girly”. But the thing is, you need boys for ballroom ...

2 Oct 2012

To Dance At Your Own Wedding

My sister and her husband did a whole ballroom number at their wedding. I remember thinking at the time – you've got to have balls to do this! But in hindsight, it was very sweet (they're both closet performers, so ...