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East Mocktail Recipes
12 Feb 2014

Quick & Easy Mocktail Recipes

If you’re planning on having a Dry Wedding (dry = alcohol free) then serving up a batch of signature mocktails is a great way to solve the hydration needs of your guests. Just because you have decided to keep the ...

Mocktail Hour
13 Dec 2013

Mocktail Hour At Your Wedding

One of the more fun aspects of a wedding is the cocktail hour – especially if you’ve got yourself a nice signature cocktail named after the happy couple doing the rounds. Not everyone is necessarily keen on the ...

Glorious Wedding Food
21 Oct 2013

Elle’s Bridal Diary: Food, Glorious Wedding Food

Nom, nom nom … my favourite words and to be honest, one of my favourite pastimes. I love eating! I love cooking. I love food. My Bear and I love food and we enjoy creating and discovering flavours whether it is at a ...

Candice Food Tips
29 May 2013

Food, Glorious Food

Candice, one of our Bride to Be's shares some of her budget saving tips to help you plan your wedding. In the first of my budget-saving-tips, I started with the most likely biggest expense of your wedding – guests and ...

25 Apr 2012

Wedding Food Ideas With A Difference

Most wedding food, although artfully presented and overly bounteous, is not only dead boring, but leaves one feeling as though you'd much rather have popped out for a local curry. Try something original ...