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Wedding Accessories
17 Mar 2014

All About Wedding Accessories

While pretty much all parts of planning a wedding can be considered pretty “exciting”, few wedding details are quite as fun to organize as the accessories. There’s something about the little details  that brings ...

How to do Your Own Bridal Hair
10 Feb 2014

How to do Your Own Bridal Hair

The best option when it comes to doing your own hair for the wedding is to keep it simple. Stressing yourself out over something fancy that may end up flopping is just not worth it. Consider allowing your accessories to ...

The Wedding Ceremony
10 Oct 2013

A Bit of Basic Order: The Wedding Ceremony

While you may consider yourself to be a spontaneous being, when it comes to weddings it is best to know exactly what is happening when it comes to the order of events. A pre-planned itinerary will ensure that everyone ...

So You're Engaged Now What?
8 Oct 2013

So You’re Engaged … Now What?

Allow me for one second to state the obvious: Good news should be celebrated, and engagements are no exception. This is not the time to be coy. This is the time to bask in smiles and happiness. You deserve it. Why? ...

All About Wedding Makeup
17 Sep 2013

All About Wedding Makeup

Good skincare is the base of any beautiful face – but of course, a little make-up never hurts. It’s unlikely you’ll ever be photographed as much as you are on your wedding day – so it’s easy to go a little ...

All About Wedding Skin Care
12 Sep 2013

All About Wedding Skin Care

On your wedding day, there is absolutely no hiding your face. Sure, your dress, flowers and veil will all vie for attention, but naturally everyone will be looking at your newly-wed, happily glowing face. Now, ...

Gift Table
3 Jun 2013

Don’t Let Myths about Second Weddings Get you Down: Part 3 – Showers, Wedding Parties & Presents

By now you are hopefully planning your wedding your way, you have graciously accepted a little financial help from your mom and you are wearing that gorgeous white gown that you initially walked away from because your ...

Practical Marriage
23 May 2013

Practical Marriage

The subject of marriage is a particularly hot topic at the moment. As South Africans we are lucky enough to live in a country where marriage equality exists, but in the United States thousands of couples still fight ...

Wedding Myth
29 Apr 2013

Don’t Let Myths about Second Weddings Get you Down: Part 2 – Money and Wearing White

If you are currently planning your second wedding then it is possible that the question “Is it proper?” has reared its ugly head a couple of times already. Whether you heard it from a friend or colleague or even if ...

Second Wedding Myths
10 Apr 2013

Don’t Let Myths about Second Weddings Get you Down: Part 1 – The Wedding

I was at a bridal fair with a friend a couple of years ago and I remember over hearing one of the stall holders loudly exclaiming “Ag what nonsense man! I’m getting married for the second time this year and I’m ...

Bride With Uggs
25 Mar 2013

Would You Wear Uggs At Your Wedding?

Despite the premature announcement by various media institutions late last year that Ugg boots are over, the freak weather in New York recently saw more than a few Ugg clad feet marching the sidewalks. It wasn't the ...

Leafy Greens
11 Mar 2013

10 Mood Boosting Foods – how to stay ‘up’ before your wedding

Uplift your mood, make sure you're energised, able to deal with issues, and have a sharp mind. Much of our modern day diet leaves us lethargic, agitated and miserable, but you can eat yourself into a better frame of ...

5 Feb 2013

The First Wedding Anniversary – Ruminations on Paper

Those of you who married last year will celebrate one year of marriage this year. One whole year ... 352 days, 52 weeks together as a married couple. We're not going to congratulate you. There's nothing more ...

30 Nov 2012

A Virtual Kitchen Tea – What Is The World Coming To?

A kitchen tea, or bridal shower, is where you shower the bride with gifts, but it's also where you gather, all you girls together, to celebrate womanhood, the passage into marriage and other things girls do before a ...

Arrange Your Flowers
15 Nov 2012

Competing With The Jones’ – How Not To Fall Into The Trap

What with nineteen year old Miley Cyrus planning not one, but THREE ceremonies for her wedding to Liam Hemsworth, and Justin Timberlake giving his bride not one, but FOUR wedding rings, it would appear that doing things ...

26 Oct 2012

Going Solo Down The Aisle (When Your Father Doesn’t Give You Away)

Don't be intimidated by those who believe that a trip down the aisle should involve a procession of no fewer than five people, headed by the bridesmaids and the ushers, and followed by the ring bearer or flower girls, ...

3 Oct 2012

Facebook Protocol For Weddings

Facebook is a wonderful tool. It is a social utility that connects people with friends who work, study and live around them. Most of us have an account. It's a really easy and quick way to add pics, ideas, directions ...

3 Sep 2012

Last Song Ideas

As a wrap up, the last song tends to be playful and upbeat – a positive high note to the end the evening. As opposed to the first dance, which tends to be more romantic. But anything goes. And for those to whom it ...