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9 Love Laws
30 Oct 2013

9 Love Laws for a Happy Marriage

9 Love Laws - A happy marriage is an achievement. It is something that two people commit to and then continuously strive for. Much as you would put time and energy into achieving a life goal, so you should treat not ...

Ready to get married? Financial Side?
31 May 2013

How to Know When You and Your Partner Are Ready to Get Married: The Financial Side

As romantic a notion as it might be to completely separate love and finance, one can unfortunately not deny the fact that finances play a big role in all of our lives. Taking a closer look at your financial state can ...

Young Couple
2 May 2013

How to Know When You and Your Partner Are Ready to Get Married: The Family Side

Getting married is by nature the act of starting a family. Even if you don’t plan to have children the two of you will be a family. When it comes to deciding that you would like to get married there are a few ...

Are you ready to get married?
22 Apr 2013

How to Know When You and Your Partner Are Ready to Get Married: The Personal Side

So you’re in a relationship with the partner of your dreams and you’re starting to feel like you might be ready for your relationship to move to the next level. While the idea of upgrading your relationship status ...

12 Mar 2013

Never Give Up On Your Playtime

Last week I shared with you how my husband and I had a small and slightly unconventional wedding. We kind of eloped, but we took some people with us so even though it was a secret it didn’t really count as eloping. It ...

Marriage Advice
8 Mar 2013

Once You’re Married – Course 101 – It’s Okay When…

There are some pretty unrealistic expectations about marriage. Some of us, who have co-habited may already have put many of these to bed. Even so, there tends to hover around the idea of 'marriage' certain ideas we have ...

Happy Couple
7 Mar 2013

What We Can Learn From Scandinavian Weddings

I've spent quite a bit of 'paper' space muttering under my breath about the tendency of the American wedding market to get WAY out of hand. When women begin planning weddings without either a partner or a date in mind, ...

18 Jan 2013

Maintaining Intimacy – Questions For Married Couples

Susan Piver, the author of a bestseller called The Hard Questions: 100 Essential Questions to Ask Before You Say “I Do” states quite bluntly that romance dies, at some stage. Whilst the average bride in the midst ...

18 Dec 2012

The Pitt Jolie Wedding – We Reflect On Marriage

Seven years and six children later Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have finally announced that they are going to marry. Celebrity brides consistently set the benchmark for other weddings world-wide, but what can we take ...

11 Oct 2012

3 Secrets To Long Marriage – How To Celebrate 50 Years Or More Together

Sounds inconceivable, doesn't it? Fifty years, or even sixty five in the case of some people like my great grandparents - who are both still alive and kicking, talk over one another (for neither has a hearing aid), take ...

10 Sep 2012

Marriage Advice Best Ignored

Marriage and childbirth – two life changing events that evoke a fair amount of unsolicited advice, some of which you can happily ignore: Your spouse should be your best friend – I'm not totally convinced by this ...

28 Mar 2012

Apart But Together – Making Marriage Work When You Don’t Live At The Same Address

More commonly known as 'living apart together', LAT is when couples who have intimate relationships live at separate addresses. They're not one step away from divorce, but rather have chosen to live apart. This may ...

27 Feb 2012

What Are The Secrets To A Happy Marriage?

If you look at what some celebrities have to say about their marriages (and they should know, because how does a marriage withstand the spotlight?) then people like the Beckhams say it's quality time, others suggest ...