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All About Wedding Speeches
27 Aug 2013

All About Wedding Speeches

When it came to the subject of wedding speeches on our big day, I knew immediately that I wanted to make one – which seemed like the ‘nontraditional’ choice when chatting to wedded friends afterwards. It seems ...

All About Wedding Drinks
20 Aug 2013

All About Wedding Drinks

A wedding can be, in many people’s minds, a good excuse for a party. Free food, a chance to get dressed up … and drinks on the house. I know I’m perhaps referring to the worst type of guest possible, but the sad ...

Should You Elope
14 Aug 2013

Should You Elope?

Perhaps a strange question to ask, but it is one that went through my mind for a good few weeks during our engagement. Perhaps brought on by the seemingly endless decisions and plans to be made or perhaps by the ...

All About Wedding Catering
5 Aug 2013

All About Wedding Catering

I was recently asked to cater for a wedding. Around 150 people, with a budget of R8000 - which includes drinks. To save you the calculations, the budget works out to just over R50 per person - which is, well, pretty ...

Candice Wedding Hair
2 Aug 2013

All About The Hair

Ah, hair. The pride and glory of most women and how much more so on their wedding day? Whether it’s half covered by a veil, swept up off your face or left down to tumble over your shoulders, it will be one of the main ...

Candice Save The Date
17 Jul 2013

All About Wedding Stationery

(Another) surprising cost in the wedding planning arena was stationery - one that perhaps defied belief the most. I discovered there are entire companies dedicated to wedding stationery - that will design everything ...

All about the shoes
5 Jul 2013

All About The Shoe

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to save a few hundred Rand without compromising your outfit – with the extra money rather going towards your bouquet or make-up. Unless you are a sworn shoe fanatic, who ...

The Bridal Bag
26 Jun 2013

The Bridal Bag

One of my bridesmaids was also fairly recently married – and what a blessing this was! There are some things you only learn once you’ve been a bride yourself – and I hope to share as many of these gems with you as ...

Long dress
21 Jun 2013

The Not So “Obvious” Advice

While there are hundreds of “obvious” pieces of advice you’ll receive while planning your wedding, I wanted to share a few of the less obvious words of wisdom with you. Most of these I would have loved to have ...

Candice Wedding Dress
12 Jun 2013

Addressing the Dress

When asking any woman about her wedding day, the image she will already probably have in her mind is of herself in her wedding dress. Above flowers, venue or food it is safe to say it is the defining image of anyone’s ...