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5 Oct 2012

Candice’s Bridal Diary: The Grand Unveiling (Or Is It?)

For someone who didn’t care too much about the great dress idea when all this wedding planning started, I’m now becoming rather attached to the idea of mine. The “base” dress is already there, the fabric for ...

4 Oct 2012

Lauren’s Bridal Diary: Behind The Scenes Of The First Dance

Amidst the flurry of finalising flowers, dropping invites off around the peninsula and running around like headless chickens, time spent in the dance studio together feels like a holiday. Now as a couple, you may have ...

28 Sep 2012

Lauren’s Bridal Diary: How To Have An Engagement Shoot You’ll Both Love

Amidst dealing with psychotic graphic designers who continually sabotage our invites (true story), people having random meltdowns and the possibility of you popping a blood vessel, an engagement shoot is like a breath ...

27 Sep 2012

Candice’s Bridal Diary: Engagement Shoots – Yes or No?

It’s just over a month till our engagement shoot – with our wonderful wedding photographer, Tiffany Burnham, and it’s prompted a few people to ask me “what’s the point?”. Well, we’re looking at it as ...

20 Sep 2012

Candice’s Bridal Diary: A Matter of Money between Friends

I’ve reached the point in my planning process where I have to start thinking about bridesmaids – I’ve already asked two friends, so the main part is out the way. Now it’s on to dresses, colours, make up, hair ...

19 Sep 2012

Lauren’s Bridal Diary: 3 Things I Learnt As A Maid Of Honour

This weekend my cousin got married.  She has grown up beside me as a younger sister, so it felt like I was the one giving her away.  It was a beautiful spring day and one filled with many surreal moments, emotions and ...

17 Sep 2012

Candice’s Bridal Diary: Addressing the Dress

To the shock (and perhaps horror) of my friends and family, my wedding dress was not my main concern when I started the planning process. I was much more concerned with finding a wonderful photographer and the perfect ...

Lauren engagement shoot
13 Sep 2012

Lauren’s Bridal Diary: My highlights and lowlights of wedding planning

Whilst there are no down sides to being engaged to my beautiful man, there are certainly aspects of wedding planning that may drive you to stick your head in the sand, take a sabbatical in misty mountains where wedding ...

7 Sep 2012

Lauren’s Bridal Diary: 3 Questions I Have On Wedding Planning

So you would imagine that a bridal blog would be filled with great advice, helpful tips and funny stories of couples trying to plan their pending matrimony and lives together.  Whilst I love to share some of the gems ...

6 Sep 2012

Candice’s Bridal Diary: Wedding Favours Ideas

There are a few things that have been ‘decided’ about our wedding, without us trying terribly much – choosing the wedding favour for guests was one of them. We knew from the start that we would not be giving ...

31 Aug 2012

Candice’s Bridal Diary: More Than Just A Pretty Face?

With less than eight months to go until our wedding, we thankfully have most of the “big” arrangements made – venue, church and photographer. It’s a great relief and gives me more time to focus on the smaller ...

29 Aug 2012

Lauren’s Bridal Diary: 4 Reasons Save-the-Dates Could Save You

All I can say is thank goodness for save-the-dates! Back in my parent’s day, no one would’ve known what these were and just sent out invites to all their guests. Now, I’m not entirely sure what we would have done ...

24 Aug 2012

Candice’s Bridal Diary: Finding Yourself Among The Trends

The first few steps of the wedding planning process are overwhelming, to say the least. Looking at common inspiration sites or wedding websites can help narrow your options down, but this could also be at the risk of ...

23 Aug 2012

Lauren’s Bridal Diary: Wedding Entertainment or Musical Extravaganza?

I am a fervent lover of performing arts, the stage and dancing.  I have danced my entire lifetime and love a bit of razzle, glitz and a spotlight.  Ballet still moves me deeply and dancing stirs something inside me ...

17 Aug 2012

Candice’s Bridal Diary: All About The Cake

Considering my hobbies, the food at our wedding is of particular importance to me. We knew lunch would never be chicken and two veg, so that was a fairly easy decision for us to make, and one we were able to make pretty ...

17 Aug 2012

Lauren’s Bridal Diary: A Stalker Of Succulents

This is not the first time I found myself hunting down something wedding-related along the West Coast.  Months ago it was a wedding venue and this past weekend it was succulents.  Not just any succulent, a particular ...

10 Aug 2012

Lauren’s Bridal Diary: A Few Things You May Forget Whilst Planning Your Wedding

As the wedding date draws ever nearer, we have found ourselves slacking in the preparation stakes somewhat. And that really is ok. Trying to prepare, plan and orchestrate consistently for six months may kill you.  So ...

7 Aug 2012

Candice’s Bridal Diary: Impossibly Intimate – The Challenges of a Small Wedding

Before the lovely man and I got engaged, we knew one thing for sure – we were going to have a small wedding. For me, small means 30 people – which is exactly how many we are having at our intimate lunch time ...

6 Aug 2012

10 Initial Must-Dos For Any Bride-To-Be

You have just got engaged and have barely recovered from the barrage of mixed feelings about the very idea of being someone's wife. But before the overwhelming list of THINGS TO DO begins to formulate, here are 10 ...

3 Aug 2012

Lauren’s Bridal Diary: Why Planning a Honeymoon is Way More Fun Than Planning Your Wedding

Now some wedding guides will list who should pay for what, precisely what you should’ve planned each month before the wedding and whose responsibility it is to organise the honeymoon, rehearsal dinner and anything up ...