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20 Aug 2012

What To Do With Your Bouquet After The Wedding

In the old days this would not have even been a question. Your bouquet would have sat proudly on someone else's dressing table as a sign that they too would soon be marching down the aisle. Traditionally, you would ...

Non floral bouquets
30 Aug 2011

Non-floral bouquets

Never thought of that, did you? Bouquets without flowers. Now there will be those amongst you who won't even bother reading further. The very thought of a march down the aisle without a bouquet an assault on your very ...

Flowers in The Foyer
3 Jun 2011

Wedding Flowers from Flowers in the Foyer

Flowers in the Foyer, a charismatic floral and gifts shop, situated in the heart of Stellenbosch, is the creative arena in which Hermien, Alida and their professional team of floral artists work. From daily retail and ...

Wedding Flowers
24 May 2011

Finding the Right Wedding Florist

Most of the time, it is your wedding florist who will take responsibility for the flowers in the church as well as wedding flower arrangements at the reception. So if you want a look that is in sync with the theme of ...