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24 Sep 2016

Reminders for the Best Man

Being the best man is about more than organising the best boys’ nights and giving great speeches (although these are some welcomed perks to the job). In fact, this role is an important one with plenty of ...

Being the Best Best Man
19 Sep 2013

Being the Best Best Man

Being asked to be the best man at someone’s wedding is a big deal. It kind of means that you’re special. And yeah yeah…I know it’s all “unmanly” to talk about feelings, but when it comes to being asked to be ...

4 Oct 2012

A Few Words On Choosing The Best Man

There are those who will say you must have a best man. They may be right. Choosing a mate to stand by your side cannot be quantified when you're at your most anxious (and you will be). In military terms they're your ...

13 Mar 2012

The Art of Being a Best Man

The very term 'best man' implies that you've come in first; that you passed the finishing line with flying colours; head and shoulders above the rest. It's the 'best' that does it. And yes, we know that your role as ...

Best Man Speech
15 Jun 2011

Tips for Giving a Great Best Man Speech

A groom thinks long and hard before making the decision as to who will be his best man. If you are lucky enough to be chosen, consider it a privilege and give the title its due respect. The most important duty of being ...

Best Man Duties
28 May 2011

What Are the Requirements and Duties of a Best Man?

A groom considers many things before deciding who will be his Best Man, and if you are chosen, you need to be certain as to what is expected of you. There are many duties that come along with the job, but your main task ...