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Wedding Perfume
26 Aug 2011

A new Perfume for the Wedding

What woman doesn’t love a new perfume or a reason to buy a new fragrance? Well for me, what could be more of a perfect time to spoil yourself with something fresh and indulgent, then of course, your wedding day? I say ...

Wedding Make-up
19 Jul 2011

Make-up Tips for the Bride – doing it yourself

There is no doubt that when it comes to your wedding day you want to look amazing, feel amazing. When it comes to ladies and their make-up, we are all at different levels with our skills. We end up spending extra money ...

Eyelash Extensions
8 Jul 2011

A great idea for the Bride – Eyelash Extensions

Not only do you want to look gorgeous on your wedding day but you also want to wake up on your honeymoon next to your hubby looking like a princess. I personally had these done and, without a doubt, if I could do it ...