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12 Mar 2013

How To Be A Non Traditional Bride In 2013

There is this whole 'anti' traditional wedding movement that involves what are fast becoming pretty mainstream ideas – tattoos, dreadlocks, red shoes, body piercings of every description, turquoise blue shoes, retro ...

30 Jan 2013

Latest Fashion Ideas For Weddings

2013 brings with it a set of new, pretty, gentle ideas for brides and wedding looks. Here are a few tips to point you in the right direction: The colour mint They call it the colour mint but actually it's a little ...

21 Dec 2012

What’s On The Horizon For 2013 For Weddings?

What are the forecast trends for weddings? There are many of them. Some of them we could well do without (when will those moustaches make an exit!?), whilst a few look very interesting. Here is what others are ...