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29 Aug 2012

The Vintage Wedding Dress – The Lowdown

A vintage wedding dress can make an absolutely beautiful and unique statement. Take the recent wedding of Sarah Clark (unknown but for her choice of wedding dress) who married in the same dress as not only her mother, ...

11 Jul 2012

What’s Your Wedding Dress Style?

Finding a sense of style is an important first step to finding your wedding dress. Knowing your style will give you an idea of what type of dress to find. Here are a few trendy and current styles to influence ...

27 Jun 2012

Want A Wedding Dress, Can’t Afford To Have It Designed – Where Do I Go?

The wedding industry, for that is what weddings have become – a booming business for those involved in helping the bride look a million dollars, providing venues, catering, music, back-up and management – is worth a ...

14 Jun 2012

The Upcycled Wedding Frock

For those green brides out there concerned with the carbon footprint of the average wedding dress, upcycling - or remaking cast-off items into something different and better - is the height of fashion chic. And with ...

26 Jan 2012

What are brides wearing in 2012?

If late last year's emergence on the cat walk of black Vera Wang wedding gowns is anything to go by, 2012 is set to be a particularly non-conformist year. For those who take these things seriously, black at a wedding is ...

Trash the Dress
9 Jan 2012

Trash The Dress

What happens to the dress after the wedding? Does it hang in plastic in your husband's cupboard, the way mine does? Do you preserve it, or as some brides do, trash the dress? Trashing the dress has nothing to do ...

7 Dec 2011

OMG, I’ve chosen the wrong dress …

There are so many articles telling you how to pick the 'right' gown (for your shape, for your theme, for your type, for your personality) but what if, heaven forbid, you pick the wrong one? There are brides out ...

6 Oct 2011

The Backless Dress – Wedding Dresses with Style

Just when we thought we'd acclimatised to the partiality for the boob tube wedding dress, along comes the backless or plunging back to keep any bride on her toes. Apart from the fact that to carry off this particular ...

Civil Weddings
23 Sep 2011

What to wear to your court wedding

You're not doing the grand sweep down an aisle. You've opted for a civil wedding ceremony, in a magistrate's court (although a civil wedding can also be in any other wedding venue, including a chapel, without any of the ...

The Wedding Room
7 Sep 2011

The Wedding Room – exquisite wedding gowns at a reasonable price

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue .... If you are looking to buy an exquisite wedding gown at a reasonable price, The Wedding Room should be your first and last stop. The Wedding Room ...

Wedding Veil
17 Aug 2011

To veil or unveil – the modern bride’s dilemma

Does the modern bride wear a veil? In making this decision, it bears thinking about the origin of the veil. The symbolism is thought to tie in with an expression of virginity. In the past brides have worn their hair ...

Wedding Dresses
2 Aug 2011

What style of wedding dress do you want to wear?

Isn't this like the ten million dollar question? The thing you ask yourself as he's slipping the engagement ring onto your finger? “Eek! What am I going to wear!” Just a little later you find yourself standing ...

Design your own Wedding Dress
29 Jul 2011

Design your own Wedding Dress

The day I went wedding dress hunting was the day I realized that it was not going to be as easy as I thought. There are so many things to consider - Price, Style, Size, Can I keep IT? Most of all, do I feel GORGEOUS in ...

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