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Protea Bouquet
4 Feb 2013

Simply Beautiful Bouquets

Ah the bouquet! Traditionally flowers weren’t used for the bouquet at all, but instead strong smelling herbs like garlic and thyme were used to ward off evil spirits. Another story tells us that flowers were once used ...

Short Wedding Dress
31 Jan 2013

Why Would You Wear A Short Wedding Dress?

The short wedding dress is back on ramps. Not excessively so, but with the current Twenties influence, short is no longer relegated to beach weddings. Summer fashion is peppered with leg-baring, skirt flaring, ...

Burnadene and Riaan
28 Jan 2013

La Promesse Events Creates The Perfect Day For Burnadene and Riaan

Mirroring the personalities of the bride and groom, Burnadene and Riaan requested their wedding to be classic, elegant and fun. They wanted an inviting ambiance with a fairy-light skyline and beach front setting for ...

Wedding Make-Up
28 Jan 2013

Bridal Beauty Tips – The Value Of Hindsight

It's interesting to speak to past brides and find out what beauty tips they would give to others – there are a few. Who else would advise you to stash wet wipes in the loos for when you want to freshen up, ...

Focus on Photographs
24 Jan 2013

Focusing on the Photographs

It goes without saying that when it comes to your wedding day the photographs taken are your most precious commodity since they hold within them the evidence of one of the most important days of your life. In ...

8 Jan 2013

Wedding Dresses With Pockets – The Latest Trend

Pockets in your wedding dress. Would you really carry your lipstick and tissues in there? It's bad enough that they make your trouser pockets bulge, but in a wedding dress...? And why would you want to walk around with ...

Just Jack Weddings
13 Dec 2012

Just Jack Weddings for your Wedding in Cape Town

Just Jack is a personal Wedding Planning company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Planning your wedding or event with Just Jack Wedding Coordination and Event Planners is delightfully simple and stress-free. The first ...

PLAY music
10 Dec 2012

PLAY Music for your Wedding Music in Cape Town

PLAY is a Cape Town based network of young, professional musicians providing exciting live music for weddings, events and celebrations. Our boutique-style company offers classical music, wedding music and jazz. PLAY’s ...

29 Nov 2012

Tips For Choosing Your Florist

Flowers are the one thing I'm a little nervous about. Making selections and coming up with ideas about a dress, the mood of the wedding, venue, save the dates, shoes, bridesmaids, food, wine, drinks, festivities – all ...

Simple, Elegant Wedding Dress
28 Nov 2012

How To Keep The Cost Of Your Wedding Dress Down

How do you find a wedding dress that looks incredible and yet doesn't cost a lot? Does such a dress exist, or is it simply media speak for 'home-made' or 'vintage'? According to Heather Levine, senior fashion and ...

Meeting with vendors
26 Nov 2012

How To Treat Your Suppliers – Some Basic Tips

Number one: treat them as demi-gods. You think I'm kidding, right? I'm not. The bottom line is that they probably know a LOT more than you about what they do. Giving them the respect they (probably, but not always) ...

19 Nov 2012

What To Ask Your Florist

We've already explored choosing your florist. But what can you ask them, once you've narrowed it down to one or two whose work you like, that will give you a good idea of whether or not you've made the right ...

Blush Dress
15 Nov 2012

Is Pink The New White?

Blush gowns are in. According to anyone worth their salt in the ₤10bn wedding industry. Certainly they're a trend amongst celebrities. Jessica Biel just got married in a pink Valli bridal gown, Anne Hathaway ...

13 Nov 2012

Pippa Middleton Set To Become A Wedding Planner – Would You Hire Her?

We're talking in an ideal world here. If you could (money and logistics aside) hire the Duchess of Cambridge's sister to manage your wedding, would you? Because latest news is that she has left her position as a party ...

8 Nov 2012

How To Find The Perfect Summer Wedding Dress

The secret to summer wedding dresses is to stop thinking of them as gowns and to start thinking of them as frocks. As such, you're going to want to look at more flimsy flowing material, so a lightweight fabric that ...

5 Nov 2012

Champagne Carriages Will Get You To Your Wedding in KwaZulu Natal

Barbara Zietsman has long had the dream to drive a wedding carriage and add to the love and joy of this momentous occasion. Picture arriving at your wedding in a beautiful canopied vehicle, painted dark burgundy – ...

23 Oct 2012

Makeup and Delight for your Wedding Make-Up in Cape Town

Lindsey is a professional make-up artist based in Pinelands, Cape Town. She focuses on beauty make-up and specifically bridal make-up and hairstyling. I qualified in ‘Motion Picture Make-up’ at City Varsity, and ...

8 Oct 2012

Some Vital Questions To Include When Selecting Wedding Suppliers

Most of us do not event manage for a living. Yet with the advent of our weddings we suddenly feel we should be able to cope with hiring people, selecting a photographer,  choosing a venue, a florist, someone to bake ...

7 Sep 2012

The Wedding Boutique Your Bridal Shop in Cape Town

The Wedding Boutique is the perfect place to find your dream wedding dress. The Wedding Boutique specializes in beautiful, unique and affordable wedding dresses. Based in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, we are easily ...

29 Aug 2012

The Vintage Wedding Dress – The Lowdown

A vintage wedding dress can make an absolutely beautiful and unique statement. Take the recent wedding of Sarah Clark (unknown but for her choice of wedding dress) who married in the same dress as not only her mother, ...