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Make Up By Nadine
26 Mar 2013

Make Up By Nadine for your Wedding Make-Up in Gauteng

Nadine is a beauty therapist with 12 years behind her in the industry. She has a passion for making people look and feel happy and beautiful. Make up is an art whereby she'd like to accentuate your natural beauty and ...

Couple Under Chuppah
25 Mar 2013

The Wedding Photo Checklist: Part 3 – The Ceremony

The ceremony is the one part of the wedding day where the photographer has the least control. There is no yelling for a time out or asking if the bride can please move a little to the left.  During the ceremony it is ...

Groom getting ready
21 Mar 2013

Wedding Photo Checklist: Part 2 – The Groom Getting Ready

In part one of this wedding photo checklist series we looked at all the photographs needed to make sure you have a well-rounded photographic representation of the bride getting ready. Today we are looking at what photos ...

Neisha and Allesandro
20 Mar 2013

Charnell Timms Captures Neisha and Alessandro’s Perfect Day

Charnell of Charnell Timms Photography shares her thoughts in shooting this gorgeous day for Neisha and Alessandro ... "I met Neisha whilst photographing her daughters wedding a few months earlier, and moments after ...

Save the first dance
18 Mar 2013

Save the First Dance

While some of us may be fortunate enough to know the way around a dance floor, quite a few of us may suffer from chorophobia, or the fear of dancing. If you do suffer from this fear in even the smallest way, it is ...

Bride looking at herself in the mirror
18 Mar 2013

The Wedding Photo Checklist: Pt. 1 – The Bride Getting Ready

If your wedding photographer isn’t a wedding photographer so much as a really creative photographer friend, you might be feeling a little worried about getting all the right shots in. Unfortunately with weddings you ...

Calf Length Dress
8 Mar 2013

Why You Should Consider a Knee-Length Bridal Gown

Some of you might remember a movie from a few years back that starred Toni Collette (a favourite of mine!) and Cameron Diaz called “In Her Shoes”. Now I barely remember what the movie was about anymore but I do ...

Learning to Dance
7 Mar 2013

Why You Should Learn to Dance Before Your Wedding

I’d like to start this post by telling you a secret: Boys who can dance are special. Immediately when you hear the words “ballroom dancing” you think “girly”. But the thing is, you need boys for ballroom ...

Carola and Guido
6 Mar 2013

Charnell Timms Captures Carola and Guido’s Perfect Day

Charnell of Charnell Timms Photography shares her thoughts in shooting this stunning day for Carola and Guido ... Shooting this German wedding at Dornier Wine Estate was both a surprise as well as a pleasure, I have ...

Event and Design
5 Mar 2013

Let Event and Design Plan Your Wedding in Cape Town

Event and Design offers comprehensive wedding planning services in Cape Town and the Cape Winelands. Your wedding will be planned with passion, professionalism and panache. Whether you prefer a glamorous city wedding, a ...

Wedding Make up
4 Mar 2013

Look Gorgeous In Your Wedding Photos – Make-Up Tips

Looking fabulous in your wedding photos is a given. So make-up tips are just about essential, particularly if you're not that au fait with make-up trends and lack the imagination to begin to find out. Whilst hiring ...

Cutting The Cake
28 Feb 2013

Cutting the Cake

Let’s be honest…the most any of us know about wedding cakes is that there is always one displayed somewhere at weddings. If you’re planning a wedding, you have no doubt already given the cake at least some vague ...

Trying on Dress
27 Feb 2013

What To Wear When You’re Shopping For What To Wear

I never in my wildest dreams imagined that one day I'd write about dressing up to go shopping! The concept is an eye-rolling one. I mean, whatever next - who cares what you wear when leaving the house to shop for a ...

Charnell Timms - Carla and Wendell
25 Feb 2013

Charnell Timms Captures Carla and Wendell’s Perfect Day

Charnell of Charnell Timms Photography shares her thoughts in shooting this gorgeous day for Carla and Wendell ... What I loved about shooting this wedding is that it epitomized the 'Rainbow Nation' in more ways than ...

Bourdoir Bride
21 Feb 2013

The Boudoir Bride

Boudoir photography has become quite the trend in recent years and one of the most exciting and extraordinary aspects of this art form is that you don’t have to be a stick-thin model to indulge in it. Now perhaps you ...

Long Sleeve Wedding Dress
20 Feb 2013

Long-Sleeved Wedding Dresses – why we LOVE them

Heavily influenced by Catherine Middleton's long, lacy sleeved wedding dress, wedding fashion has taken a turn and veered towards the ultra romantic, incorporating lace and net sleeves just in time for autumn and winter ...

Charnell Timms Urban Energy
18 Feb 2013

Urban Energy and Charnell Timms Photography

The Urban Energy of Cape Town is brought into  stark focus with Charnell Timms Photography. Charnell is a freelance photographer in Cape Town specializing in wedding photography and destination photography. Her ...

Trash The Dress
14 Feb 2013

Trash That Dress!

A trend that has crept into the wedding scene over the last couple of years is something affectionately known as the “Trash the Dress” shoot. Now I can almost hear the collective gasping happening at the thought of ...

Single and Planning
8 Feb 2013

Still Single, But Planning A Wedding

In a modern day version of building a trousseau, the NY Times has identified what it defines as a trend amongst young, single women who are dedicated to planning the Big Day. Without the groom. They're talking ...

Camera Shy Bride
4 Feb 2013

The Camera-Shy Bride

In a world where every second girl on Facebook is sporting an over-confident duck-pout and cellphone self-portraiture has all but become an actual art form, it seems inconceivable that camera shyness is an ailment that ...