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Wedding Day Beauty Mistakes
8 Nov 2013

4 Wedding Day Beauty Mistakes

Your wedding day is one day out of your life where you want to look your very best. There’s little point in pretending otherwise. Even if you generally take a casual approach to your appearance, there is no doubt that ...

Perfect Wedding Dress
7 Nov 2013

7 Ways to Procure the Perfect Wedding Dress

As a future bride, the most exciting and important part of planning a wedding is the dress. Contemporary television will have you believe that finding your perfect wedding dress entails dealing with a lot of snooty ...

Wedding Cakes from Scandinavia
1 Nov 2013

Wonderful Wedding Cakes from Scandinavia

Wedding Cakes from Scandinavia - The Scandinavian countries have some absolutely lovely wedding traditions and they also have some interesting traditions when it comes to their wedding cakes. These cakes all make those ...

Roses on a Budget
17 Oct 2013

Rustic Roses on a Budget

One of the craziest expenses you will encounter while planning a wedding is the flowers. No doubt you already feel like you know that “flowers are expensive” but it is quite likely that you are underestimating the ...

Simple Wedding Centerpieces
15 Oct 2013

More Sweet & Simple Wedding Centerpieces

When it comes to centrepieces the options are almost limitless. Typically your brain might leap to the idea of fancy flower arrangements and giant candelabra, but it isn’t necessary for centrepieces to be such a ...

Wedding Centerpieces
9 Oct 2013

Sweet & Simple Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding centerpieces are a must to give your tables a well-rounded look, but that doesn’t mean that you have to go to the trouble (and expense) or organizing large floral arrangements that tower over the heads of your ...

Memorable Wedding
3 Oct 2013

Cutesy Ideas for a More Memorable Wedding

Every bride-to-be sets out to plan her wedding with thoughts of making it extra special, but often insecurity creeps in and you end up settling for something that looks like it was cut from a template, here's how you ...

Stephanies - Western Cape Wedding Planners
1 Oct 2013

Stephanie’s Weddings – Western Cape Wedding Planners

You’re getting married. Fabulous! What a wonderful, exciting and truly awesome day you’re in for. But first, there’s the small issue of some planning to be done so that everything you envision for your wedding day ...

Photo Booths
26 Sep 2013

Photo Booths Are Awesome

I went to a wedding the other day and I finally learnt what the point of having a photo booth is. Of course I have been to many Bridal Fairs and usually while ambling through them I get high-jacked by at least one photo ...

All About Wedding Flowers
24 Sep 2013

All About Wedding Flowers – real, fake and not at all

Wedding Flowers can become a large (unexpected) expense. With everything from vase hire, florist fees and delivery costs adding up, it is easy to feel cornered. But, there are options! Here are a few ideas to consider ...

Madame Cupcake & Gifts
13 Sep 2013

Madame Cupcake & Gifts for your Wedding Cake in the Eastern Cape

Two things are for sure – Nikita from Madame Cupcake & Gifts loves baking & pretty things! She would love to bake cupcakes and occasion cakes for your big day. Her options are endless from traditional, ...

Bridal Make-Up Tips
11 Sep 2013

Bridal Make-Up Tips

It is most likely preferable that you hire a professional to do your make-up on your wedding day. A professional knows exactly what they’re doing and they kind of know how to do your make-up in a way that will last as ...

What does your diamond say about you?
6 Sep 2013

What Does Your Diamond Say About You?

Picking out an engagement ring is no small thing. This is something that will be worn daily for what will hopefully turn out to be a very long time, so it stands to reason that a bit of thought should be put into it. If ...

Wedding Photographer
8 Aug 2013

5 Questions for Your Photographer

One of the most important aspects of planning a successful wedding is to secure a wedding photographer that will be able to capture your special day in a way that makes you smile every time you look through your wedding ...

Expressions Photography
30 Jul 2013

Expressions Photography for your Cape Town Wedding

André and Selma are a couple and a couple of wedding photographers. They have both been taking photographs in a personal capacity but since completing a photography course, they have been photographing professionally ...

Botanica Flowers
26 Jul 2013

Botanica Flowers For Your Wedding in Cape Town

At Botanica we love nothing more than creating stunning, bespoke wedding flowers and perfectly styling your special day. With a keen eye for detail, we create floral arrangements that are unique, fresh and ...

Shop for the dress
25 Jul 2013

3 Simple Tips for Shopping for a Wedding Dress

I want to tell you a secret: All Brides Are Beautiful. Every single one of them. The media may have fixed parameters for what is considered beautiful, but don’t let such narrow perceptions get you down. If you’re ...

Photo Checklist - The Reception
24 Jul 2013

The Wedding Photo Checklist: Part 7 – The Reception

The 7th and final installment of our Wedding Photo Checklist Series deals with the reception. This is the fun and celebratory part of the wedding and provides many interesting photo opportunities. There are a few ...

Midlands Style Events
23 Jul 2013

Midlands Style Events Wedding Planners for your KwaZulu Natal Wedding

We live and work in the heart of the beautiful Midlands of KZN. It has become the place to have a value for money destination wedding in South Africa. So, if you plan to get married in the Midlands, look no further, we ...

Candice Save The Date
17 Jul 2013

All About Wedding Stationery

(Another) surprising cost in the wedding planning arena was stationery - one that perhaps defied belief the most. I discovered there are entire companies dedicated to wedding stationery - that will design everything ...