Category: Wedding Tips & Advice

Natural Afro
14 Mar 2013

Graceful, Natural Black Wedding Hairstyles

Amongst black brides there is something of an emerging counter-culture that supports natural hair, just the way it is, rather than the predilection to smooth, straighten and moisturise so that it can accommodate other ...

Wedding Rings
13 Mar 2013

All About Rings

If I wear a ring on my left hand ring finger, does that automatically mean that I'm married, and why do some people wear their wedding rings on their right hands, and on which finger do you wear a promise ring, if ...

Non Traditional Ideas
12 Mar 2013

How To Be A Non Traditional Bride In 2013

There is this whole 'anti' traditional wedding movement that involves what are fast becoming pretty mainstream ideas – tattoos, dreadlocks, red shoes, body piercings of every description, turquoise blue shoes, retro ...

12 Mar 2013

Never Give Up On Your Playtime

Last week I shared with you how my husband and I had a small and slightly unconventional wedding. We kind of eloped, but we took some people with us so even though it was a secret it didn’t really count as eloping. It ...

Wedding Body Art
11 Mar 2013

I Want A Temporary Tattoo For My Wedding

Body art is really fashionable for weddings right now. Indian weddings have sported henna tattoos on hands and feet for centuries (it's beautiful) so why shouldn't a girl try something different for her ...

Leafy Greens
11 Mar 2013

10 Mood Boosting Foods – how to stay ‘up’ before your wedding

Uplift your mood, make sure you're energised, able to deal with issues, and have a sharp mind. Much of our modern day diet leaves us lethargic, agitated and miserable, but you can eat yourself into a better frame of ...

Marriage Advice
8 Mar 2013

Once You’re Married – Course 101 – It’s Okay When…

There are some pretty unrealistic expectations about marriage. Some of us, who have co-habited may already have put many of these to bed. Even so, there tends to hover around the idea of 'marriage' certain ideas we have ...

Happy Couple
7 Mar 2013

What We Can Learn From Scandinavian Weddings

I've spent quite a bit of 'paper' space muttering under my breath about the tendency of the American wedding market to get WAY out of hand. When women begin planning weddings without either a partner or a date in mind, ...

Wedding Hair Braid
6 Mar 2013

Gorgeous Latest Wedding Hairstyles

Whilst describing hairstyles with words alone can be a little tricky there are so many gorgeous hot hairstyles gracing the Oscars and other red carpets of the stars at the moment, that it seems a pity not to 'borrow' ...

Gay Marriage
5 Mar 2013

All In Favour Of Gay Marriage, Say Aye

Not that this is a current debate in South Africa – our very liberal constitution, for which we are lauded around the world, ironically decides this issue for us (even if in certain race groups women are being ...

Two Weddings
1 Mar 2013

Two Weddings – When One Isn’t Enough

Two weddings, but one marriage, are more frequent than we imagine. And there are more than a few reasons why people follow this trend: They have a civil wedding, followed by a religious one The couple come from ...

Bratty Bride
25 Feb 2013

Don’t Be A Bratty Bride

We love to jest about Bridezilla and most of us are lucky enough to avoid deserving this particular label, but it is pretty likely that a kaleidoscope of emotions ranging from pure bliss to crippling stress might play ...

Wedding Myths
22 Feb 2013

Marriage Myths

There is something particularly blissful about the time between saying “yes” to a marriage proposal to the moment you get to say “I do” in front of your friends and family, but it is easy to get so lost in the ...

Eat Healthy
21 Feb 2013

The No-Diet-Eat-Healthily Pre-Wedding Food Plan

Almost every bride I know feels obliged to diet before her wedding. Shedding five to ten kilograms is usually the objective - the idea being that when you walk down the aisle you will blow people's breath away because ...

Favourite Favours
20 Feb 2013

Favourite Favours

The tradition of giving gifts to wedding guests started many years ago with the French Aristocrats as a way to show off wealth and to symbolize the royal standing of a couple within that society. In today’s day the ...

19 Feb 2013

Natural Aphrodisiacs (That Aren’t Oysters) – Perfect Honeymoon Food

An aphrodisiac increases sexual desire, hence the name, which comes from the Greek goddess of love - Aphrodite. Whilst there are those who proport that medical science has no claim that any particular food increases ...

Wedding Rings
18 Feb 2013

Older women, younger men

It will take you a couple of seconds to name at least two celebrity women who have married younger men... Demi Moore, who married Ashton Kutcher (her third marriage, he was 15 years her junior), and Madonna, who ...

Teatime Wedding
15 Feb 2013

A Teatime Treat

Typically when one thinks of weddings, A Night Time Affair with dinner and dancing comes to mind. Most of the weddings we go to start around three and end up going on well into the night. But what if dancing the night ...

Destination Wedding
15 Feb 2013

Destination Weddings Defined

I read an online wedding board recently where someone had posted a rather relevant question: do guests travelling to a destination wedding also give gifts? Which just about sums up the main issue when it comes to ...

Rose Petal Confetti
13 Feb 2013

Choosing Confetti

Ah confetti! Throwing things at the bride and groom as they walk out of the wedding ceremony and into their new life together is a strange but lovely tradition, and it is one that no wedding would be complete without. ...