Category: Wedding Tips & Advice

24 Jun 2011

Wedding Flowers and Symbolism – Carnations

Next up in our series of posts about Wedding Flowers and their Symbolism, we look at Carnations. Carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus) are a great choice as wedding flowers as they are readily available, are reasonably ...

Lilies wedding flower
21 Jun 2011

Wedding Flowers and Symbolism – The Arum Lily

In our first of a series of posts about Wedding Flowers and their Symbolism, we look at the popular Lily, much loved in South Africa by brides for many reasons. Arum Lilies (Zantedeschias) produce large, showy flower ...

Best Man Speech
15 Jun 2011

Tips for Giving a Great Best Man Speech

A groom thinks long and hard before making the decision as to who will be his best man. If you are lucky enough to be chosen, consider it a privilege and give the title its due respect. The most important duty of being ...

13 Jun 2011

Wedding confetti ideas and alternatives

If you're bored with normal wedding confetti, the type you buy at shops that is mass made for weddings, then what are the alternatives? Even Rice is boring now, unless you jazz it up by dying it in your own colours. ...

Wedding Carnations
9 Jun 2011

Your Wedding flowers needn’t cost the earth!

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and you want every detail to be absolutely perfect. Your Wedding Flowers play a major role in determining the ambience and theme of the wedding. However, you ...

Wedding Invitations
7 Jun 2011

Things to consider before printing the invitations

Your wedding invitations are the precursor to your wedding. They say a lot about you and the theme of the wedding. Therefore it makes sense to spend some time in planning and preparing for the invitation. Here are some ...

Wedding Favour Cookies
2 Jun 2011

Wedding Favour cookies – an inexpensive alternative

As the costs for your wedding mount up you might be getting a bit concerned about how to pay for it all. There are a good couple things that you can do to save on costs or you might just be looking for ideas on how to ...

Thank You cards
31 May 2011

Thank You Cards – all about wedding etiquette

A thank you note says a lot about how much you appreciate other peoples’ participation in your wedding. The very fact that they attended your wedding and made it a success, should be reason enough for you to send them ...

Best Man Duties
28 May 2011

What Are the Requirements and Duties of a Best Man?

A groom considers many things before deciding who will be his Best Man, and if you are chosen, you need to be certain as to what is expected of you. There are many duties that come along with the job, but your main task ...