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Elle’s Bridal Diary: Where, Oh, Where Do We begin?

Bear and I were dating for 2 months when he first took me to visit the small fisherman’s village where he spent his days as a young boy. Paternoster is a charming little sea side town where the holiday houses look as if they’d been inspired by the Greeks and the locals offer you crayfish on every street corner. I was in love.

We took a walk on the beach and while dancing between broken shells Wesley declared that he would one day return to that very beach, and make me his wife. Boy does he keep a promise!

Fast forward 2 and half years and countless trips to our beach we plan a road trip to our special place on a warm winter’s day. One of the many things I love on the beach in Paternoster is the old fishing boats parked on the sand. I enjoy taking photos in and around these boats and have an impressive collection. This day, I was waiting for Bear to join me inside the boat he was distracted by something he had found under it…a beautiful ring accompanied by the question I have waited to hear since our very first walk in that same place.

When people hear our story they respond by saying “it’s perfect for you”, “that’s where I would imagine it to happen” and “I’m sure that’s exactly how you dreamt about it”. And truth is; it was perfect for us, two ocean lovers returning to the place where they built many memories and shared so many treasured moments. This is also the reason we decided then and there that there would only be one place where we could get married.

I hear many couples talk about the stress around finding a venue and the factors to consider. These include location, style, number of guests, versatility, price, services included. In this regard we have truly been blessed. The first part of our planning was settled within the first hours of our engagement. We were able to choose a venue that reflected our individual personalities while telling part of our story. We chose a venue that showcased a place that held such great sentiment while it catered to our taste, needs and budget. It might have been the obvious or even simple choice but it was ours, and it was perfect.

What was your selection process like? Did you battle to find the perfect venue or was it an obvious choice? Are you following the trends or going with your individual styles? Please share your thoughts whether you’re looking back or looking forward to your own.

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