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Candice’s Bridal Diary: When I First Got Engaged

When I first got engaged, losing weight before the wedding was (almost) my first priority. Having always been slightly overweight (depending on your view of overweight) I thought that getting married would be the ultimate motivation for me to change my ways. I had a goal of losing 15kg – and while it seemed very possible and reasonable – have I done it? No. I’m healthier and happy, but the scale has stayed where it mostly has.

While some friends have taken to Googling images of “fat brides” to help “motivate” them – I feel this is unkind and unnecessary. It’s 100% possible to feel like a beautiful, blushing bride – even if you aren’t at the weight you’d hoped.

This realization hit me earlier this week – when I went to my second last wedding dress fitting. My wonderful bridesmaid brought champagne with to celebrate, and a camera to document the experience. I was mostly ignoring the camera, and focusing more on a few changes that still needed to be made. She then emailed me the photographs yesterday- and while I was mostly dreading seeing them, I was pleasantly surprised.

I was expecting to recoil in horror and my lumps and bumps, double chins and fat arms – but instead I saw a rather beautiful bride to be. Natural, healthy and every inch of the dream I had when I got engaged – but with none of the self loathing.

Of course, I still want to put in every effort I can between now and the end of next month – and here’s a little practical way you can too. I made a sugar body scrub – simply adding enough olive oil to brown sugar until it’s the texture of very wet sand (can also add any essential oil you like) – rub all over your body (excluding your face) before your shower – it will leave your skin smooth, silky and so well moisturized. Perfect for those knees and elbows too!

So while our wedding countdown is now just over 4 weeks, I’ll be doing my best to remain healthy and pay lots of extra attention to myself – while keeping in mind that every bride is a beauty on her day.

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