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Candice’s Bridal Diary: Superwoman

There comes a time when you realize you aren’t superwoman. That time has now arrived for me, two weeks before our wedding. At the start of the wedding planning process I battled to come to terms with the fact that I wouldn’t be able to do everything myself on the day. I’m normally the host – setting up tables, making sure all decoration is perfectly in place and seeing guests’ faces as they arrive.

As the roles will be completely reversed on my wedding day, I’ve now come to terms that a lot of it is out of my control – and that I am a bride, not Super Woman!

So I’ve found two ways to help me cope with “letting go” of everything  – delegation and lists. Here’s how I’m going about it, and perhaps it will help you too!


I’ve already completely handed over the guest book / guest messages design, conceptualization and production to my bridesmaid. With a degree in Fine Arts, she is the perfect lady for the job – and it’s one less thing for me to worry about. Using the (great) skills of people around you is an easy way for you to worry about one-less-thing : and all these things add up!

Perhaps what I struggled with the most was the décor and set up on the day – as generally the people you trust most will be in the bridal party, this can be a little tricky. As a way around this, I will be giving the best men very detailed instructions and photographs, and together with their wives, I’m trusting them to make the world beautiful.

As the men generally have less maintenance on the day, while we’re all getting our make up done they can be practical and useful!


With so many things to remember, forget your maid-of-honour , lists are your new best friend. Some of the things on mine are :

  • Confirm design of the reception menus
  • Get confetti and container to hold it
  • Make tags for wedding favours
  • Check the pulpit at the church
  • Write out place cards

This is about a third of mine at the moment – and I’m sure there’ll be even more added to it in the next 15 days. I’m making  a conscious effort to enjoy this excitement and absorb every moment – and there’s no space in my head for remembering that Luke needs to have his wedding pants hem taken up. Cheers to lists!

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