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Elle’s Bridal Diary: Mother of the Bride

Growing up as the only daughter and sister in our home I am unashamedly a daddy’s girl. It is with little surprise that I expect water works in full supply the day he walks me down the aisle as he did the day my Bear asked me to marry him.

What has surprised me, however, is how my mother and our time together during this time of preparation has been the highlight of planning our wedding. My mother and I have a great relationship but it has surprised me how much she has enjoyed being part, if not central, to many of the wedding elements.

This has been a great time for us to cement our bond and spend extra time together celebrating, planning and coming together. She has played part in my brothers’ wedding days but this was finally her time to shine. Finally it is her turn to be Mother of the Bride.

One of my highlights was choosing my wedding dress. We spent a rainy Saturday morning jumping in puddles before gushing at designs, frills and trimmings and finally choosing the dreamy garment. Her glazed eyes and love-filled expression assured me that this was the moment made for mom and daughter.

My mother is also a talented floral artist and it was with great enthusiasm that I requested that she show off her gift by making our hand held bouquets and also arrangements for the tables. We got to spend two days on farms that specialize in growing my favourite flowers, with florists and with other floral artists. Drawing inspiration from our beautiful province and also the simplicity of our wedding style and theme she set out to make our dream a reality.

My mom has also been the sanity and wisdom that has kept me from falling to pieces when I was tempted to. People often say I don’t look like someone who has their wedding less than 6 weeks away and that’s probably because my mother has carried me throughout the stressful and taxing times.

Her input has been phenomenal and in instances where we differ of opinion she would simply remind me that the day belonged to my Bear and me and that the big decisions lie with us.

If you are fortunate to have your mother at your side while planning your wedding draw her close and be sure to cherish every minute. Remember that this is her day as well. As the bride you may be regarded as the guest of honour but this too is in fact a tribute to the woman who raised you into the blushing bride you are today.

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