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Elle’s Bridal Diary: Making it work – Money and Time

They say there are a few things you’ll never have enough of while planning a wedding: Money and Time. Well, here and there we cheated the money bit. As for time, we would have to agree, you definitely don’t have enough time.

There was an additional twist in the tale: three months into our engagement I changed jobs. I went from being part of a team that produced two school sports magazine shows on television to being part of one of the most successful Public Relations and integrated agencies in the country. This whirlwind of events led to a number of dings on our armour of wedding planning and engagement bliss. Yet, upon reflection, it couldn’t have been a better twist. Making the transition between jobs meant we had even less time than anticipated and being unemployed for a period also meant we had a little less money than needed.

The shows I was working on had completed the first season and my brain and body were begging for a new challenge. With consideration and prayer and much support from my family I resigned with no new venture secured. I leapt with no more than faith to hold on to.

As we began our three month countdown to our wedding day there were whispers of postponement. But my faith was rewarded and I was given the opportunity where I now find myself as part of a dynamic team. While everyday has its challenges I am happier than I have been in years. I learn something new every day and I am thrilled to grow personally and professionally while gaining invaluable experience.

Before I started my new job a friend raised concern that I may not have enough leave days for my pending nuptials and honeymoon. I also had an acquaintance suggest that there is little shame in postponing our wedding as invitations had not yet gone to print.

What people failed to understand was that my Bear and I had set our hearts on starting our forever adventure and viewed my change of direction or “career obstacle” as just another opportunity for our strength as a team to be tested.

We passed.

My encouragement to you is that you keep your eyes and heart focussed on the main thing. The world does not stop or pause while you are engaged. Prices continue to inflate, challenges at work will continue and people will hurt, disappoint and frustrate you. You have no control over circumstances but you do have control over how you respond and what you choose to do.

Whatever the challenge, your reward awaits at the end of the aisle.

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