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Elle’s Bridal Diary: Mismatched Bridesmaids

I have written about my bridesmaids on two occasions already but please bare with me as I write about them again – they really are my favourite ladies.

This time, I would like to tell you a bit about the mismatched bridesmaids dress hunt.

I spent less time thinking and plotting and making decisions about my own dress than I did about theirs. They all have very different styles, personalities and body shapes and body types. While I’ve always known that I would not want uniformed bridesmaids one look at these beauties and my decision was affirmed.

These lovelies range from bohemian and earthy, athletic and natural, to glammed up and girly. Having your special ladies choose their own outfits – within the set theme and style for the day – allows them freedom to be comfortable and happy and it also allows them to be part of some of the decision making of your big day. It’s a great opportunity for them to voice their view and give valuable input on something that may seem mundane but is in fact a crucial element on the day.

Be aware, however, of the pros and cons. The advantage: dazzling personalities bringing that little extra sparkle to our day. The disadvantage, and yes, there is one, while we may find perfection and the ideal fit for an individual it isn’t guaranteed that it will compliment the selection made by the others.

Then there is another factor to consider: Having it made vs buying off the rails.

At first we would have liked to have the dresses made but co-ordinating the lives of four busy women along with timings and demands of dressmakers we quickly realised this may not be the best option. Thankfully, after just a few hours of boutique hopping we found the perfect garments.

Why not sit down with your bridesmaids, have them share their thoughts, look at a few ideas on line and get a feel for what would make them happy. While it is a day for us brides to be the belle of the ball these are the women who have played a part in the journey you’ve enjoyed with your almost husband. They are a big part of this day and by giving them some room to be themselves, enjoy themselves and give of themselves you’ll be sure to bring out the best in them, and have them bring out the best in you.

Now, there is nothing wrong with having your bridesmaids match, if it suits your style and you would prefer to have them in the same colour and style there are some beautiful creations to choose from. By now though, I am sure you know what we’ve chosen to do.

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