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Lauren’s Bridal Diary: Letter To A Bride To Be Right Before The Wedding

To all brides who’ve gone before me, I’m sure you can testify to the fact that exhausted and frazzled are two key words you may have described yourself as in the week before your wedding.  Most people tell me how calm I am and then there are those are test that calm for all its worth.

After six months of planning, I could waffle on about how wedding planning consumes all and scare all the bride to be’s who are recently engaged or I could share all the joy of finally being able to tick off all the lists. Nearly.  Instead I’ll write a letter of encouragement to all the blushing brides and to myself as the wedding day is but two sleeps away.

Dear Bride To Be

I understand that o none warned you that whilst engagement is as exciting as anything, it’s filled with many an exhausting day of you having to stand your ground, remind family that it’s your wedding and politely nod at 100’s of suggestions from designers, parents and service providers whilst declining politely.

Perhaps this is your punishment for complaining about still being single at your age or perhaps it’s where endurance, patience and tolerance are practised.  You’ll also realise that girls only become bridezilla due to all the unnecessary pressure placed on them as the bride. This however is not excuse for you to lose it.  Prove them wrong and show up still sane and smiling on the day.

Because you didn’t take the option of eloping or having a simple picnic on the beach, you have to live with your 100 plus guest list and empty pocket.  And because you have forked out so much cash, just try to enjoy the planning and the definitely the big day.  I know it’s all you can think about and rightly so.

Keep your eye on the prize; that being your hot hubby-to-be and the long days of lazing which await.  Plus there’s the bonus of getting a suitcase full of sexy négligée, lingerie and sexy time fun things at your bachelorette party. When stressed, look at these items and remember that after the wedding, the only decision you’ll have to make on the honeymoon is which lacy number to wear.

When the day arrives, remind yourself that there is nothing left for you to do.  You’ve told the photographer what time to arrive and explained to the wedding co-ordinator where everything should go.  If a jar or a candle is misplaced, will it affect your health, your love for your future spouse or the fun time you’ll have with your guests?  I think not. Whilst your mother may pass out if the groomsmen show up in mismatched shirts, your blissful day will carry on and at the end of it you’ll still be able to say you’re married to THAT man.

When you begin to contemplate bringing tranquilisers for all the family members prone to stress out easily, just quietly remind yourself to be greatful that they are able to share in this incredible day with you.  Be thankful that even though you no longer have money, you did actually have money to pay for a beautiful day where the people you love most in the world can celebrate with you.

Remember that you may never feel that you’re thin enough, have long enough hair, boobs that are big enough, lashes that are curled enough, but don’t forget that he asked you to spent your life with him.  So I’m betting that he already thinks you’re the most beautiful woman ever, especially when he sees you at the end of the aisle.

If you’re really lucky, you only get to do this once so have a blast, get lots of rest (who am I kidding, just have a magician of a make-up artist to cover remnants of your fatigue) and go marry your dream guy!

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* Lauren from all of us at Tie The Knot we wish you a lifetime of happiness, thank you for sharing your journey with us xxx

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