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Elle’s Bridal Diary: Lessons From A Wedding Guest

As many photographers will have you know ‘tis the season to get married. Wedding season is in full swing and I was blessed to witness the unions of some special people this October. As our special day is less than 90 days away my Bear and I are overactive wedding  guests taking notes of what we enjoy, what stands out and also which unique details suit the bridal couple of  the day better than it would suit us.

It has to be said, we’ve been honored to be part of some exquisite weddings and I am constantly amazed at the level of detail and personality that bridal couples incorporate. Bear and I have listed some of our favourites from the recent weddings we’ve had the privilege to be a part of, here are our lessons from a wedding guest:

Well groomed

Both weddings we attended late October were that of handsome grooms. It is a well known truth that the Bride is the star of the day and we all look forward to the fairytale dress, immaculate hair and make-up and glass slippers. What I loved about these weddings was that either groom was dapper and looked as though they spent countless hours on looking their best for their beautiful brides.

I plight thee my troth

By now you will know that I place increased emphasis on the wedding ceremony. We were witness to beautiful ceremonies led by ministers who took their time to explain to the bride, groom and all present what it really meant to make a lifelong vow to the one you love. Phrases such as “I plight thee my troth” was carefully unpacked so that we all understood the weight and credence of the great promise we were witness to.

Masterful Emcees

The master and mistress of these weddings were not only charismatic and humorous; they kept us as guests informed every step of the way guaranteeing that we enjoyed the wedding fully not anxious about missing any pivotal moments.

The Flash Mob

And the favourite of all favourites was the flash mob! The most recent wedding we were part of was that of friends who I met at my dance class. Dance is part of who they are, especially the groom, my former instructor.

At the end of their first dance the couple, along with selected friends and family surprised their guests with a brilliantly choreographed and enthusiastically performed hip hop routine. Months of rehearsals resulted in an entertaining gift to all in attendance.

Perhaps another perspective to adopt while planning your wedding is that of a guest. Ask yourself what you would enjoy if you were a guest at your own wedding, you may be surprised with what you discover.

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Photograph courtesy of Elle Hughes-Blignaudt ©

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