Elle’s Bridal Diary: Well Groomed – Interview with the Groom

posted on 7 January 2014 by The Tie The Knot Team
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Well Groomed - Interview with the Groom

Well Groomed – Interview with the Groom: I thought we could start 2014 with something a little different. You’ve heard so much about our wedding and you’ve heard it all from me, I thought it was time you heard a little more from our dashing groom. I’ve introduced the Bear in a number of posts and often made reference to his thoughts and contributions to our big day but nothing has been as direct as this. Today we sit down with the main man and hear more about his journey as we’ve prepared for our special day.

Tell us about the proposal:

I had a number of ideas, including a grand gesture at Loftus Versveld. I quickly let go of that idea after Elle mentioned that she did not want a public proposal. Back to the drawing board I went. The ring took 3 weeks to go from design to production and I used this time to come up with a new plan. With the ring in my possession I had a number of opportunities to pop the question, Lion’s Head, Hout Bay, but nothing seemed right. Finally I realised the fishing boats in Paternoster, our beach, our special place would be perfect.

Many girls dream of their big day long before meeting the groom. Did you have any dreams?

I want our day to be special. I’ve been to a lot of weddings and you can tell when it’s true love and true reflection of the love shared by the couple. I want our wedding to be like that. I want it to be perfect. That said, lots of weddings are the same and I wanted ours to be different.

It’s common for grooms to have little or no part of the planning, what has your experience been like?

I enjoyed being part of the DIY projects, coming up with ways to use our creativity and my craftsmanship was my main role in the planning process. We made a lot of the big decisions together. We both love the venue; we also chose the colours and themes together. We even walked the beach to find the perfect spot for our ceremony. We both enjoy the same things and have relaxed styles; it was easy to make big decisions together.

What are you looking forward to most?

When our pastor says, “You may kiss your bride!”

Do you have any advice to other grooms to be?

Be interested. Show that you are interested in the details of the day. Yes they say it is the bride’s day but it is yours as well and you are part of it. It’s a celebration. While it won’t be smooth all the way, you’ll enjoy it more if you play your part. This is a great way of showing her how much you love her.

A huge thank you to our handsome groom for sharing with us.

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Happy Wedding Planning!

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What Do You Think?

  1. 8 Jan 2014
    Elle says

    Thank you so much for your kind comments Ruth and Christine.
    I wish you all the best Ruth and be sure to treasure and enjoy every minute…soon those 45 days will be 5, it simply flies by.

  2. 8 Jan 2014
    Christine says

    This is such a great read! Lovely to see the grooms getting involved – and enjoying the process. Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us.

  3. 8 Jan 2014
    Ruth says

    In the beginning my fiancé was no really involved with much, though we chose our venue soon after we were engaged and we both love it! I asked him to please help me out with a few things but did not big him much about it. Now he is involved with everything except flowers and the ladies dresses. He is the best and I am blessed to have a guy who is so interested in much of the wedding plans. We really are enjoying doing stationery together and ticking off more and more items on our checklist. He is excited! I am excited! We have 45 days to go until I can call him my husband! All the best to you Elle and your Bear with the wedding plans and marriage!