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Lauren’s Bridal Diary: How To Have An Engagement Shoot You’ll Both Love

Amidst dealing with psychotic graphic designers who continually sabotage our invites (true story), people having random meltdowns and the possibility of you popping a blood vessel, an engagement shoot is like a breath of fresh air.  5 weeks before the big day, the wedding will consume all and it becomes very difficult for you to do anything else but wedding planning.  Some of it is extremely fun; other parts will test the true meaning of patience.  Here’s why you will both love an engagement shoot.


Even though there were two people pointing two large lenses in our direction, it was just the two of us being able to do something other than talk about invites that are three weeks late, table runners and the cost of flowers.   If you ‘click’ with your photographer, you will honestly have a ball whilst shooting.

Tiffany and her ever-helpful hubby were full of laughs and directed us with ease.  Their carefree attitudes and love for each other totally put us at ease and my fiancé soon forgot that he needed to pose in anyway and just be.

Engagement Shoot


For us, the beach was a no-brainer in terms of our shoot.  We are beach babies through and through.  It has always been our happy place.  My fiancé would love to spend more time in the water than out of it.  We spent a large part of the beginning of our relationship on the beaches of Jeffrey’s Bay picnicking, surfing and sunning.

We chose Simons Town as close friends of ours used to live there and it became our weekend seaside town. We enjoyed ice-cream on the square, ate fish and chips in the harbor and jumped off boulders on the beach.  It was the perfect fit in terms of a place we loved, away from the bustling crowds and splashed with just the right amount of sunset light.

Engagement Shoot


Props are a great way to tell more of a story and add a bit of you.  We brought our surfboards, his guitar, a photo frame, hats and my late gran’s beautiful, old suitcases. He plays guitar beautifully and taught me how to play a little.  Many a time, I would sing whilst he strummed away.

Surfing is an activity we both love.   It’s one of those fun hobbies we can do together and have enjoyed in most places where there are waves. I have always had a thing for vintage suitcases and these are even more special because my gran actually travelled abroad with these.  It plays into my travel writing plan and alludes to our South East Asia adventure once we get married.

Engagement Shoot

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Photograph courtesy of Tiffany Burnham Photography © And you can see the full engagement shoot here:

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