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Candice’s Bridal Diary: Flowers!

Flowers are admittedly an area of the wedding I haven’t given terribly much thought to you.  I have an image of them in my mind, but have not even begun to translate them into reality yet – where to get the containers from, where to buy the flowers, if they will even be in season…

So, I’ve started to do a little research and search for inspiration (Pinterest and South Africa wedding blogs, of course) and have picked up on a few trends I adore:

Local is lekker

There is an increasing use of local foliage – proteas are making a name for themselves as statement bouquets and rustic table arrangements and simple “field” greenery is seen being added to arrangements. Cacti and succulents are also being seen on table arrangements – in little metal containers on a wooden log, they’d make a gorgeous woodland-themed centerpiece.


This is a theme I personally adore, and will definitely be making use of. It seems as though weddings are veering away from the realm of the professional florist, and taking on a more unique, individual approach – buying your own flowers, recruiting friends or family to help arrange them – even making vases. There are images of beautiful glass containers with hessian twine wrapped around theme, holding gorgeous pink proteas with local greenery. Delicate, unique and absolutely gorgeous.

Making it last

Another positive of using local foliage and a little DIY – it tends to last longer. If you’re lucky, you’ll still have a few gorgeous blooms to welcome you home after honeymoon, but if not – there will still be all your loved vases / containers which you can use throughout your home – a constant reminder of your beautiful day.

I’m now off to turn my ideas into some sort of reality…I’ll keep you updated on what I find (and if I come back with an arm full of proteas and glass jars…)

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