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Lauren’s Bridal Diary: Behind The Scenes Of The First Dance

Amidst the flurry of finalising flowers, dropping invites off around the peninsula and running around like headless chickens, time spent in the dance studio together feels like a holiday. Now as a couple, you may have decided that you don’t want dance lessons and instead you’ll wing it on the day and melt into each other as the song plays and guests cry. That is perfectly ok.  But for your first official dance as man and wife, it makes for something really special to learn together.

Whilst my fiancés loves every opportunity to bust out in some dance moves, he is the more hesitant one when it comes to dancing in front of people.  He flat out refused a tango which a) is quite a challenging dance and b) would make him burst out laughing. Without giving too much away, we settled on a much slower, sexy dance which we are both comfortable with.

Our dance lessons commenced last night and luckily we were in the company of a professional and friend of mine who has a way with choreography and enjoys laughing with us mid-class. Don’t get me started on the way her dancing takes my breath away.  Other than one couple, she hasn’t had any couples who break out fighting mid-lesson.  And true to her words, these classes are such a great way to spend time with your future spouse, laugh about your timing and bond over something fun.

Just because you want to learn a dance for your wedding, doesn’t mean that it needs to have a choreographed, performance look.  If you so wish, she will make you both move as if you were caught up in a moment and didn’t realise that everyone was there to witness it all.  Best believe that over the next few weeks we’ll be practicing our moves whilst we brush our teeth and wait in queues.

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