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Lauren’s Bridal Diary: Advice From A Newly-Wed

As a woman who’s been married for over two weeks, I can honestly say I’m loving it.  All the wedding planning, the stress and exhaustion are more than worth it and we were blessed with a magical day. Here are a few things I will leave you with in addition to some memories of the best day of my life. I hope you can also look back on your day and say it was more than you could’ve ever hoped or wished for.

Marriage is way better than engagement

The initial high of engagement quickly morphs into an all consuming planning fest. I managed to scrape through quite calmly with only a couple of emotional outbursts, but it tends to be a highly stressful time with the world coming at you from all angles with their agendas. Look forward to marriage, because once the wedding is over, the suggestions, instructions and lists cease and all you have to focus on is sleeping and enjoying each other on honeymoon.

Involve family in your wedding

And by family I mean his and yours. I found that DIY days brought family together. I was lucky in that my cousins and aunts were all super excited to be a part of making the décor. Plus many who are very talented, creative and who helped bring my ideas to life. It’s so wonderful for them to look at all the décor and know they played a role in the wedding.

Try not TO HaVe too many expectations on the day

For 6 months or more, you will collage, paste and scribble your vision of the wedding you’d like. You’ve built up expectations, desires and dreams for the day. But when the day arrives, let go. Have a neutral (non-family) member on the day to oversee that everything is placed correctly and they way you envision. What will be will be. There will be things that you cannot control such as your driver arriving late and then everything running overtime (true story). Relax, enjoy and take in all the beautiful bits you’ve planned for the longest time.

Choose things you both love

We found it very special that guests kept telling us how they could see ‘us’ in the details and décor. From the directional signboard he made, to the ribbons flying from the arch and the crazy props at the photo booth. It was all in the details; our photos in jars with succulents, candles hanging in jars from the trees and colourful bunting on the walls. Allow your personalities to show in your day.

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The pics are some of Lauren’s favourite from the day. Photographs courtesy of Tiffany Burnham Photography ©

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