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Lauren’s Bridal Diary: A Few Realisations 8 Sleeps Before The Wedding

With only eight sleeps to the wedding, my excitement grows, my energy wanes and bank balance resembles a balloon that’s just been pricked with a pin.  There’s a pop and all air escapes at a scary rate.  Whilst I am quite calm, my usual spots for storing tension i.e. Neck and shoulders feel like they’ve been wound up tightly like a dish cloth.

The wedding day cannot come soon enough.  Married friends of ours mentioned that once it’s over, the two of you will look at each other and realise there isn’t a single thing left to do.  No printing to collect, no wedding dress to fit, no bird cages to spray paint and photo booth props to source.  My heart soars at the thought.  Plus I’ll be married to him! Here are some realisations I came to whilst planning my wedding at home.

Wedding planning will drain you completely

Besides for teaching, there is nothing that sapped my energy like full-time wedding planning.  I finished work last week and figured that now I can actually plan and organise in peace.  It’s amazing that I can actually drive around and find shops that are open and crowd less, but come the afternoon I feel like I could nap for an age.  And this is after a vitamin B injection.

So long to the single life

I was ready to kiss the single me goodbye as soon as Vaughan and I started dating, but now that we’re about to get married there are so many changes which are about to take place.  The surname I’ve had for 28 years will now change to his.

I’ll have a constant companion, lover and best friend. Mi casa will truly be su casa.  Whilst I’ve moved out of home before, this will be a permanent move away from safety net and comfort of my parent’s home.  Plus we leave to teach in Thailand two weeks after our wedding. It’s all massive change, but I’m looking so forward to the adventure.

A wedding dress will not make your boobs bigger.

Please note that if you’re trying to lose weight, be prepared to lose some boob too.  Losing weight was never my plan, except when I returned from South Korea resembling all the noodles and potatoes I’d consumed whilst living there.  I eat healthily but never say no to yummy treats and fairly active.

Somehow my body matured and took some weight with it and left me with a lesser bust than I wished to have in my wedding dress.  I’m totally happy with my shape and feel healthy, but when I realised that the shape of my wedding dress squashed what boobs I had to get over it.  My dressmaker’s “the dress won’t make your boobs bigger” was the first step to acceptance.

I have but a week to go!  Any tips for me for my last week before the wedding?!

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