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Elle’s Bridal Diary: It’s A Family Affair

Family Affair ~ I am blessed to have been part of and grow up as part of a big, noisy family. As mentioned in my previous post, my mother has been a rock throughout our preparation for our big day. Today I’d like to share with you how the rest of my family has made this the most memorable time of my life.

Boys will be boys

I have the most beautiful charmers as nephews and was thrilled to ask them to be part of my day. This was tricky as their ages vary.

Using the older boys as ushers and the toddlers as part of the retinue allowing them all to be comfortable and also do something that plays to their age and interests. I scored some major cool aunt points by letting them be part of our adventure. My nephews all adore my Bear and they are ecstatic to play a part in the day we become Mr and Mrs.

And so will the men…

My brothers are my heroes and they’re musical too. Gifted musicians, singers and a whole lot of fun on the dance floor I have had the honour of including my brothers in our wedding program. While the youngest is also one of Bear’s good friends and groomsmen he will be playing and singing while I come down the aisle. The others will be singing and leading a few songs during the ceremony.

The cherry on the cake, as they say, is where I will be singing my Bear a song with the accompaniment of my eldest brother on his piano at the reception. We’ve had a few rehearsals and while at times it has felt like a voice training bootcamp, it has been a great time for us to bond and connect around something so special.

My sisters (in-law) have also been phenomenal. From sharing their cake decorating skills to organisational skills they have offered time and ideas and more.

If, like me, you are blessed to be part of a large family where you siblings, nieces and nephews, invite them to be part of projects that will build into your wedding day. This will not only make the loads lighter for you and your fiancé but also include them in the most special time of your life.

If you don’t have an army or sports team of siblings or if you and your family aren’t very close, look to those you do consider family, they may not even be related, draw them close and find a way to include them. Include them to their strengths and you’ll find the many many ways you’ll all enjoy this time together.

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