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Bible Verses Suited to a Wedding
31 Jan 2014

3 Bible Verses Suited to a Wedding Ceremony

A traditional Christian wedding ceremony kind of demands that a few scriptures be thrown into the mix of vows and preaching, which means that you are, once again, faced with a couple of choices. Now, I know what ...

Antenuptial Contract
30 Jan 2014

Speak to Your Attorney About an Antenuptial Contract

We’ve all seen a movie or a TV show where a happily-about-to-be-married couple is feeling crazy in love and on top of the world, and then someone mentions the word “pre-nup” and the height of drama ensues. ...

Fun Wedding Themes
29 Jan 2014

Fun Wedding Themes For You To Consider

The easiest way to put an extra special touch on your wedding day is to choose a wedding theme that is a little “out there”. This, of corse, will take a lot of extra planning, but it will also most certainly be a ...

Wedding Guest Etiquette 101: Gift Giving
28 Jan 2014

Wedding Guest Etiquette 101: Gift Giving

Wedding Guest Etiquette 101: Gift Giving - When it comes to gifts for a wedding couple some of us can get a little flustered. It’s no big deal really. A small token to wish the new couple well in their marriage will ...

Grande Provence
27 Jan 2014

Tie The Knot at Grande Provence Heritage Wine Estate in Franschhoek

If you are looking for an exquisite venue that is steeped in history then take some time to visit Grande Provence Heritage Wine Estate. Located in the magnificent Franschhoek valley, this wine estate has a history of ...

Simple Suggestions
24 Jan 2014

Wedding Day Simple Suggestions

If you got engaged over the holidays it is likely that you’re currently spending a lot of time daydreaming about your wedding day - even if that day is still far far away! In the beginning, wedding planning can be ...

Renting A Wedding Dress
21 Jan 2014

The Pros and Cons to Renting A Wedding Dress

Renting a wedding dress is common practice in South Africa. A bride in the States might struggle to find somewhere to rent a dress, but here at home most of the bridal boutiques have a rental as well as a buying option ...

The Final Countdown
20 Jan 2014

Elle’s Bridal Diary: The Final Countdown

It's the Final Countdown - Cue the dramatic music, drum rolls and fireworks. The last week before the wedding is bound to be filled with euphoria on the highest levels. Just as the engagement has flown by, so will this ...

You Are Loved
17 Jan 2014

Elle’s Bridal Diary: You Are Loved

The days are flying by and we are steadily moving towards our big day. And just in case I lose track of the countdown my beautiful friends, who will be standing by my side on that day, prepared a box full of treats to ...

How to Ruin Your Wedding Reception
16 Jan 2014

How to Ruin Your Wedding Reception

The definitive list on how to ruin your wedding reception and how to avoid that! There is no doubt that your reception is set to be the party of the century. It is, after all, a celebration of your future as a unit. But ...

Cutesy Wedding Ideas
15 Jan 2014

Cute Wedding Ideas For Your Big Day

A lot can be said about the little things when it comes to making your wedding stand out amongst all the other nuptial celebrations. There is no doubt that the little things are the most fun to plan, but they are ...

Bridal Make Up
14 Jan 2014

Make Up By Nadine Talks All About Bridal Make Up

Nadine Hocter is a beauty therapist by trade and has the insight to the skin to provide the best foundation for the perfect bridal make up on the day, we live in an age where when it comes to make up, less is more and ...

Money and Time
13 Jan 2014

Elle’s Bridal Diary: Making it work – Money and Time

They say there are a few things you’ll never have enough of while planning a wedding: Money and Time. Well, here and there we cheated the money bit. As for time, we would have to agree, you definitely don’t have ...

Makeshift Photo Booth
10 Jan 2014

Homemade Photo Booth – A Few Quirky DIY Ideas

Making provision for photographing the guests at your wedding is a great idea for two reasons. For one, you get to have some great photographs of your closest friends and family, and for another, it is an excellent way ...

Morning Cocktail Recipes
9 Jan 2014

Morning Cocktail Recipes

Just because you’re getting married in the morning doesn’t mean that you have to put the celebratory drinks on hold. Morning wedding cocktails might call for less rum and more fruit juice, but that doesn’t mean ...

More Memorable Reception
8 Jan 2014

6 Ideas for a More Memorable Reception

Admit it: You kind of want your wedding to stand out. You might pretend you don’t, but because this day is special to you and because you have put so much hard work into it, you are definitely hoping that people will ...

Well Groomed - Interview with the Groom
7 Jan 2014

Elle’s Bridal Diary: Well Groomed – Interview with the Groom

Well Groomed - Interview with the Groom: I thought we could start 2014 with something a little different. You’ve heard so much about our wedding and you’ve heard it all from me, I thought it was time you heard a ...

Lyric Ensemble
6 Jan 2014

Lyric Ensemble – Musicians for Gauteng Wedding

If you are looking for that extra special touch to your big day then why not hire the very talented group, Lyric Ensemble, to add something to your wedding day. Located in Gauteng these musicians play classical, light ...