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All About Wedding Speeches
27 Aug 2013

All About Wedding Speeches

When it came to the subject of wedding speeches on our big day, I knew immediately that I wanted to make one – which seemed like the ‘nontraditional’ choice when chatting to wedded friends afterwards. It seems ...

Engagement Party Cupcakes
26 Aug 2013

Elle’s Bridal Diary: To Engagement Party or Not to Engagement Party?

One of the many highlights of the day we got engaged happened long after my Bear drove me to my favourite beach, treated me to yummy lunch and went down on both knees making me by far the most elated little girl in the ...

Road Trip Honeymoon in South Africa
23 Aug 2013

Road Trip Honeymoon in South Africa

Road trip honeymoons are pretty popular in this country, and when you think about all the fantastic places there are to see around here it is not hard to see why. How romantic to spend your first days together as man ...

Kitchen Tea Activities
22 Aug 2013

Cutesy Kitchen Tea Activities

Planning a few kitchen tea activities for the bride-to-be’s celebration is a great way to break the tension in a room full of ladies who might not necessarily know each other too well. The type of activities you ...

Club Mykonos Resort Langebaan
21 Aug 2013

Tie The Knot at Club Mykonos Resort in Langebaan, Cape West Coast

If you're looking for a wedding with a little Greek flavour but can't afford a destination wedding to a different country, why not book your big day at Club Mykonos Resort in Langebaan? Club Mykonos is a Greek themed ...

All About Wedding Drinks
20 Aug 2013

All About Wedding Drinks

A wedding can be, in many people’s minds, a good excuse for a party. Free food, a chance to get dressed up … and drinks on the house. I know I’m perhaps referring to the worst type of guest possible, but the sad ...

Where, oh, where do we begin?
19 Aug 2013

Elle’s Bridal Diary: Where, Oh, Where Do We begin?

Bear and I were dating for 2 months when he first took me to visit the small fisherman’s village where he spent his days as a young boy. Paternoster is a charming little sea side town where the holiday houses look as ...

Importance of a Honeymoon
16 Aug 2013

The Importance of Your Honeymoon

I understand not everyone can afford to take a ‘holiday’ after the wedding – for this article, I’m not referring to two weeks spent on a tropical beach or a ski trip to the Alps – but simply time alone, ...

Bridesmaids Watching Movies
15 Aug 2013

3 Movies To Get You In The Mood For Your Bridesmaid Duties

So your best friend has just asked you to be the Maid of Honour at her wedding and you’re feeling a little bit “What now?” about it. Never fear. Hollywood has entertainment solutions for all walks of life and ...

Should You Elope
14 Aug 2013

Should You Elope?

Perhaps a strange question to ask, but it is one that went through my mind for a good few weeks during our engagement. Perhaps brought on by the seemingly endless decisions and plans to be made or perhaps by the ...

Our New Bride to Be - Ellle
13 Aug 2013

Meet Our New Bride To Be – Elle

We're so excited to introduce you to our new Bride To Be - Elle. Thank you for sharing this journey with us, we look forward to every step of the way. My name is Elle Hughes-Blignaudt and 22 June this year saw the ...

The Forest Walk Venue
12 Aug 2013

Tie The Knot at The Forest Walk Venue in Glen Austin

With a beautiful garden chapel and complimenting reception thatch, this venue in Midrand will give you a nice romantic country feel to your wedding, even though you are close to all your major routes. From state of the ...

Wedding Photographer
8 Aug 2013

5 Questions for Your Photographer

One of the most important aspects of planning a successful wedding is to secure a wedding photographer that will be able to capture your special day in a way that makes you smile every time you look through your wedding ...

Gift of Books
7 Aug 2013

4 Themed Gift Ideas for a Kitchen Tea

Typically the modern day bride comes with an established household, which makes gift shopping for a kitchen tea a little bit complicated. As the bridesmaid, it is part of your job to help guests decide what to buy that ...

Bride With Flower Girl
6 Aug 2013

The Lowdown on Flower Girls

Deciding to include children in your wedding party may seem like a bit of a scary and unpredictable step, but little ones dressed in gorgeous frills and sporting flowers in their hair can add an incredibly special ...

All About Wedding Catering
5 Aug 2013

All About Wedding Catering

I was recently asked to cater for a wedding. Around 150 people, with a budget of R8000 - which includes drinks. To save you the calculations, the budget works out to just over R50 per person - which is, well, pretty ...

Candice Wedding Hair
2 Aug 2013

All About The Hair

Ah, hair. The pride and glory of most women and how much more so on their wedding day? Whether it’s half covered by a veil, swept up off your face or left down to tumble over your shoulders, it will be one of the main ...

Eco Friendly
1 Aug 2013

10 Tips For An Eco-Friendly Wedding

An impressive number of brides are opting for more eco-friendly weddings these days and the results are far from boring. You may think that Going Green is synonymous with narrowing down your choices but that is most ...

Cruise Ship Honeymoon
31 Jul 2013

Cruise Ship Honeymoon

A cruise to an exotic destination seems like a perfectly legitimate idea for a honeymoon but as with all things there are pros and cons. On the pros side there are many wonderful things about cruises. When you consider ...

Expressions Photography
30 Jul 2013

Expressions Photography for your Cape Town Wedding

André and Selma are a couple and a couple of wedding photographers. They have both been taking photographs in a personal capacity but since completing a photography course, they have been photographing professionally ...