Archive: October 2013

The Lookout Lodge
23 Oct 2013

Tie The Knot at The Lookout Lodge in Groblersdal

Beautiful game lodge suites, a view you’ll remember for a lifetime and a crystal clear pool tell just part of the story. Put this together with true African hospitality, genuine 5-star cuisine and a game drive as ...

Wedding Planning Can Be Overwhelming
22 Oct 2013

Weddings are lovely, but the Wedding Planning Can Be Overwhelming

Weddings are lovely. Wedding planning, however, can be downright overwhelming. No matter how stable your relationship is, it can take a toll on the most secure of relationships – where every spare moment is taken up ...

Glorious Wedding Food
21 Oct 2013

Elle’s Bridal Diary: Food, Glorious Wedding Food

Nom, nom nom … my favourite words and to be honest, one of my favourite pastimes. I love eating! I love cooking. I love food. My Bear and I love food and we enjoy creating and discovering flavours whether it is at a ...

The Marriage Meander
18 Oct 2013

Gauteng Bride and KZN Bride from The Marriage Meander

The Marriage Meander has always strived to stay on trend whilst providing quality referrals for venues and suppliers within both Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal. With 15 years of experience in the events and wedding industry, ...

Roses on a Budget
17 Oct 2013

Rustic Roses on a Budget

One of the craziest expenses you will encounter while planning a wedding is the flowers. No doubt you already feel like you know that “flowers are expensive” but it is quite likely that you are underestimating the ...

A Shoutgun Wedding
16 Oct 2013

Planning a Shotgun Wedding

First of all: Congratulations! Babies are wonderful and weddings are wonderful and while experiencing both simultaneously is going to be a little overwhelming, you are sure to look back on it all with a smile on your ...

Simple Wedding Centerpieces
15 Oct 2013

More Sweet & Simple Wedding Centerpieces

When it comes to centrepieces the options are almost limitless. Typically your brain might leap to the idea of fancy flower arrangements and giant candelabra, but it isn’t necessary for centrepieces to be such a ...

Wedding Invitation Inspiration
14 Oct 2013

Elle’s Bridal Diary: Wedding Invitation Inspiration

Tips, Ideas and Wedding Invitation Inspiration - I have read that the invitation to your wedding is easily the most important element of your big day as this is the guest’s first impression of the bridal couple. While ...

Zorgvliet Wedding
11 Oct 2013

Tie The Knot at Zorgvliet Wines Country Lodge in Stellenbosch

Zorgvliet Wine Estate can be the perfect venue for you, if you want to add a touch of magic and style to your big day. Nestled in the Banghoek Valley near Stellenbosch, you will be amazed at the breathtakingly ...

The Wedding Ceremony
10 Oct 2013

A Bit of Basic Order: The Wedding Ceremony

While you may consider yourself to be a spontaneous being, when it comes to weddings it is best to know exactly what is happening when it comes to the order of events. A pre-planned itinerary will ensure that everyone ...

Wedding Centerpieces
9 Oct 2013

Sweet & Simple Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding centerpieces are a must to give your tables a well-rounded look, but that doesn’t mean that you have to go to the trouble (and expense) or organizing large floral arrangements that tower over the heads of your ...

So You're Engaged Now What?
8 Oct 2013

So You’re Engaged … Now What?

Allow me for one second to state the obvious: Good news should be celebrated, and engagements are no exception. This is not the time to be coy. This is the time to bask in smiles and happiness. You deserve it. Why? ...

No Stress For The Wedding Dress
7 Oct 2013

Elle’s Bridal Diary: No Stress For The Wedding Dress

I’m no girly girl and shopping sprees do not excite me. The only shoes I collect are used either for trail running or dancing. Hence my expectation that shopping for a wedding dress would be the toughest part of ...

Mistakes Couples Make Before Getting Married
4 Oct 2013

Big Mistakes Couples Make Before Getting Married

Planning a wedding is awesome. It is a magical time for many couples and you should indulge in every moment of it. But let’s get serious for a second, because beyond all the butterflies and the bridal gown and the ...

Memorable Wedding
3 Oct 2013

Cutesy Ideas for a More Memorable Wedding

Every bride-to-be sets out to plan her wedding with thoughts of making it extra special, but often insecurity creeps in and you end up settling for something that looks like it was cut from a template, here's how you ...

Hout Bay Manor
2 Oct 2013

Tie The Knot at Hout Bay Manor in Hout Bay

Hout Bay Manor has preserved the history and heritage while infusing the interiors with Zulu and Xhosa chic décor to celebrate the vibrant pulse of South Africa. The owners love for Africa, it’s people and culture ...

Stephanies - Western Cape Wedding Planners
1 Oct 2013

Stephanie’s Weddings – Western Cape Wedding Planners

You’re getting married. Fabulous! What a wonderful, exciting and truly awesome day you’re in for. But first, there’s the small issue of some planning to be done so that everything you envision for your wedding day ...

You Don’t Have To Do It all Yourself
30 Sep 2013

Elle’s Bridal Diary: You Don’t Have To Do It all Yourself

I would like to start this week’s post with a confession: I don’t like help. There, I said it. Now, hands up those of you who enjoy being helped. Mmmm, didn’t think so. Many of us do not enjoy admitting that we ...

Kwambali Riverside Resort
27 Sep 2013

Tie The Knot at Kwambali Riverside Lodge in Hazyview

Weddings are wondrous events at Kwambali Riverside Lodge in Hazyview. We offer an ideal and unique setting to compliment your very special day - a wedding day to remember set against the backdrop of the Sabie River in ...

Photo Booths
26 Sep 2013

Photo Booths Are Awesome

I went to a wedding the other day and I finally learnt what the point of having a photo booth is. Of course I have been to many Bridal Fairs and usually while ambling through them I get high-jacked by at least one photo ...