Archive: July 2012

31 Jul 2012

Meet Our Second Bride To Be – Candice

We're really excited for you to meet our second Bride To Be - Candice. Candice and her fiancé, Luke, have set the date for 27 April 2013 and are in the throngs of wedding planning. Candice will be taking us on her ...

30 Jul 2012

15 Easy And Uncomplicated Décor Ideas

Simple and beautiful decoration ideas for your wedding needn't be tedious or expensive. Here's how: Location, location, location You're going to spend a lot less on décor if your venue is already a beautiful space ...

Lara and Lloyd
27 Jul 2012

Talk Functions Creates the Perfect Day for Lara and Lloyd

Lisa from Talk Functions shares how she planned the wonderful day for Lara and Lloyd. Lara & Lloyd who live locally chose Vindoux Guest Farm for their wedding celebration. Vindoux is a family run Guest Farm ...

26 Jul 2012

Lauren’s Bridal Diary: A Few Things Every Bride To Be Needs

My fiancé is very good at pointing out the difference between my wants and needs.  And as a bride to be I will admit that one may often need some clarification. Whilst no one truly needs a five tier cake, a ...

25 Jul 2012

Spier Winelands Bridal Fair

Stuck in a bridal rut? Needing some fresh inspiration and ideas? Make your way to Stellenbosch this weekend, Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 July 2012 for the Spier Winelands Bridal Fair. Showcased on one of the most ...

24 Jul 2012

Taking Photos at the Wedding – When You’re The Guest

These days you don't even need to have your camera with you, as the average cell phone takes really good pics. But is it 'gracious' to allow one's creative urge to take over just to get the shot, when there is a ...

23 Jul 2012

5 Beauty Mistakes To Avoid On Your Wedding Day

The major mantra, when it comes to the bride on her wedding day, is keep it low key. Anything that comes close to OTT is just that - over the top. Here follow beauty tips your friends may be too busy to think of ...

19 Jul 2012

Lauren’s Bridal Diary: How to Survive Bridal Pressure

Your mom wants Uncle Basil to sing at the wedding, Aunty Dot wants her darling daughter to be a bridesmaid and your grandma insists that her favourite blooms will be perfect for your bouquet.  Whilst planning a ...

17 Jul 2012

6 Great Free Gift Ideas For Weddings

Weddings tend to happen in spates. Once one of your friends marries, and it's not long before at least another three join the ranks of Mr and Mrs. This can leave their guests feeling more than a little pinched (outfits, ...

16 Jul 2012

Pre-marital counselling – the low-down by someone who has

I had pre-marital counselling. We thought it was a good idea. Kind of like a tick from someone who agreed we were indeed as compatible as we thought, and could probably go the long haul. Whilst a lot of couples who ...

13 Jul 2012

Lauren’s Bridal Diary: 3 Things You’ll Never Have Enough Of When Planning A Wedding

No matter how long your engagement, the location of your wedding or the number of guests, there are some things you’ll always yearn for more of. 1. Time If you’ve had a long engagement then you may procrastinate ...

12 Jul 2012

Weddings Out of Africa Creates Tracey and Makura’s Perfect Day

Tracey contacted me in June of 2011 to plan her wedding in November. She travels between Senegal & the US & often throughout Europe for work and therefore our detailed communication was extremely important. I ...

11 Jul 2012

What’s Your Wedding Dress Style?

Finding a sense of style is an important first step to finding your wedding dress. Knowing your style will give you an idea of what type of dress to find. Here are a few trendy and current styles to influence ...

10 Jul 2012

How to Survive Weddings Whilst Single

Weddings of our friends tend to happen in waves. There is seldom just one wedding. Once one of the group has started the trend, others follow, and before long, you're attending weddings more often than seeing a ...

9 Jul 2012

Tie The Knot at Zulu Nyala Country Manor in Chartwell

Marriage is one of the greatest milestones in life. At Zulu Nyala, we understand how special the setting needs to be for the day you’ll cherish and remember all your life. As hopeless romantics with a very practical ...

6 Jul 2012

Ryan Graham Photography For Your Wedding in Gauteng

Ryan Graham is an experienced wedding photographer based in Johannesburg and Cape Town and has been photographing weddings for twelve years. He is one of South Africa’s most sought after wedding photographers for his ...

5 Jul 2012

Lauren’s Bridal Diary: The Magical Wedding Dress Moment

There is something so magical about trying on a wedding dress for the first time.  I don’t recall ever dreaming about it as a little girl or awaiting a fairytale wedding.  But this was really a special first.  My ...

4 Jul 2012

Grooms Now As Involved In Weddings, Say Experts

Bridal salons and wedding planners appear to agree that there is a rising trend amongst grooms to be more involved in the planning of their own weddings. Even wedding proposal coaches (there are such things?) say that ...

3 Jul 2012

Move Over Slow Food, Enter the Slow Wedding

The term 'slow wedding' is emerging in contradiction to the OTT style weddings that are the product of a wedding industry in overdrive. Many marriage partners are so busy doing and over-achieving on the wedding ...

2 Jul 2012

Tie The Knot at Drakensberg Mountain Retreat in Bergville

Drakensberg Mountain Retreat is a stunning destination in the northern Drakensberg only 20km beyond Sterkfontein Dam. Situated high on a ridge overlooking the Drakensberg and the Maluti Mountains many have said that the ...